We are a processor of activated carbon, anthracite, and other multimedia water filters for water and waste water treatment.

About us

The owner, Vicente Villanueva, fondly called as Bobi by his friends and colleagues, started a single proprietorship trading business in 2000.

Bobi’s almost 40-year experience in marketing and sales exposed him to a broad range of activities, including development of products and programs, collaboration with different teams such as marketing and sales, and oversight of high-quality products, processes and procedures.

His initial products include media filters such as silica sand, bentonite and zeolite.

Expansion of product line

In 2002, due to the growing sales and increasing demand for other products, Bobi established EVC Earthmultimineral Venture Co.

EVC Earthmultimineral Venture Co. started to process activated carbon, anthracite, and other multimedia water filters for water and waste water treatment.

In 2008, EVC Earthmultimineral Venture Co. became a member of Water Quality Association of the Philippines.

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In June 2006, Bobi formed EVC Chemtech Services Co.

The affiliate company's services are in the preventive maintenance and regular cleaning of kitchen hoods and filters, tapping ducts, exhaust ducts (vertical and horizontal), fresh air ducts, stove burners, blowers and exhaust fans of hotels, restaurants

and malls.

Bobi Villanueva, 69

On 10 August 2020, Bobi passed away. He was 69.

To continue his legacy, his children, Vijay and Astrid, took over EVC Earthmultimineral Venture Co., and welcomed Josica Ansok and Luz Clarin as investors and managing partners.

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Activated carbon (coco-based)

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Anthracite (coal-based)

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Silica sand

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Cation resin

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Plant and production facility

In October 2003, EVC Earthmultimineral Venture had its own processing plant in Atimonan, Quezon.

The plant's floor area is 250 square meters, situated in a 500-square meter land area.

From Atimonan, Quezon, the management transferred operations to Antipolo City. The new processing plant floor area is 105 square meters located in a 3,000-square meters farm lot.

The plant's production machines are:

  • Rotary dryer - kerosene/LPG fed with a capacity of 500 kilos per day
  • Rotary dryer - kerosene/LPG fed with a capacity of 1 ton per day
  • Milling machine for powder with a capacity of 500 kilos/day
  • Several smaller milling machines for granule with a combined capacity of 500 kilos/day
  • Vibrating machine with a capacity of 500 kilos/day
  • Vibrating machine with a capacity of 100 kilos/day
  • Delivery vehicles

Client base

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Water filtration &

purification industries

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Foundry establishments

Oil filtration &

purification businesses

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Waste management


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Drilling companies

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Fish pen &

farm enterprises


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Catalysts-pollution control

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Composting agent

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Sanitizers, disinfectant, deodorize


Water softener

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118 Santan St. Barangay Fortune, Marikina City

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